Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 2010

June 2010

Not many Christmas developments in June, we have been just too busy with family obligations. Of course, Christmas is never far from our thoughts. As of June; my funds for Christmas 2010 have dried up, so further expansion for this coming season may be with what we have already purchased, which is a lot of new technology and features, I was just hoping we could have done more this year.

We finally released the Controller light Calculator (Version 3), this has sent our site hits through the roof. I am still making modifications to the Calculator workbook, and trying to finish the user guide, which I am hoping to have completed very soon, I just need to find a few hours where I can focus and get it completed.

I got the swimming pool operational, and cleaned. I only had to clean the filter about 10 times, but its ready for summer and the pool water temperature is currently 81 degrees, just by natural sunlight. We still have to rebuild the pump manifold and replace the salt chlorinator, but at least I have everything running and working, I just have to keep a close eye on things just in case something catastrophic happens.

Little League – As of May 31, 2010, the Quartz hill Dodgers have secured 1st place in league, we have two games left to play, and we have a 2 ½ game lead over our closest competitor, so worst case scenario we will win by a ½ game.

We will be entering the Little League Tournament of Champions that will be hosted at American Indian Little League in Palmdale this year, and if we are good enough the championship game will be hosted in Boron, California (better known as the Borax capital of the world).

The Little League TOC is comprised of teams from every league in our district, and our district is California District 51. California District 51 is made up of 18 Leagues from:

  • Lakes LL (Leona Valey,CA)
  • Palmdale LL (East Palmdale)
  • American Indian LL (Central Palmdale)
  • Quartz Hill LL (West Palmdale)
  • Bishop LL (Bishop, CA)
  • Boron LL (Boron, CA)
  • California City LL (California City, CA)
  • El Dorado LL (Lancaster)
  • Kern River Valley LL (Lake Isabella, CA)
  • Mono County LL (Mammoth Lakes, CA)
  • Mojave LL (Mojave, CA)
  • Monte Vista LL (Lancaster)
  • Owens Valley LL (Big Pine, CA)
  • Park View LL (Lancaster)
  • Rawley Duntley LL (Lancaster)
  • Rosamond LL (Rosamond, CA)
  • Sierra LL (Acton, CA)
  • Tehachapi LL (Tehachapi, CA)
California District 51 is one of the nation’s largest districts (Land wise) in the United States, California District 51 has over 6,000 kids that participate in baseball or softball, and teams can travel up to 300 miles to participate in the District Tournament of Champions.

Bubba will not be playing in the TOC this year, even though we took first place. He broke his wrist May 24th in a 12U Memorial Day Pony Baseball Tournament, and to top it off, he broke it during pre-game warm-ups…….and like a good dad, we didn’t go to the doctor until the next day! Shoot, I thought it was sprained! Therefore, Bubba is benched (Doctors and Moms orders) until July 2 a few days before Little League All-Stars kicks in, and with any luck; he will be voted to participate on the QHLL 12 Year Old All-Star team. Anyway, we did win the Pony Baseball tournament on May 24, shutting-out our opponent in the championship game in a 24-0 victory.