Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 2007

The lights have finally come down, been pack away and have put away. I had to throw away quite a few older props and lights to make room for all the new stuff I bought this year.

Baseball has begun again for us, Nate made the high school freshman team, and Bubba moved up to the minor division of little league with me as a coach (I never learn) but it should be a very busy year until June with just baseball. In March, we have planned a trip to Phoenix for spring training, this has been a trip I wanted to do for several years, and I was able to plan far enough in advance that everyone’s schedule worked out.

We have been working on holding another mini-PLUS this year, trying to make it bigger and better than last year. One of the hardest pieces is getting a committee together to help make this happen, I guess not everyone is as committed to the hobby as we are, I will try to reach out to other enthusiasts in other states that have hosted an event in the past to see how they are recruiting assistants.

This year we are planning our ‘Synchronized Fright Lights’ for Halloween 2007, I have been working on a sign that will be sculpted from a dense foam (Same foam used in the MC sign last December, I have the talent to design and draw the sign, just hopping I have the talent to sculpt the sign. This year we will concentrate on music, ambiance, and yard props that I have been assembling over the years to help motivate me in future years as to what direction I want to go with this holiday.

Christmas 2006 is a memory now, I have started consideration planning for 2007, still not sure what we will add or change, I would like to add another 32 to 48 channels, but due to costs of the controllers I may have to reconsider and expand at a slower pace. I will have to address our power issues and route 120 Amps into the garage for dedicated use, this will be more time consuming than a cost, but I has to be done.