Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 2007
What a baseball season for my two younger boys; Nate and Chris.

The Quartz Hill High School Freshman team went 12-0 for regular season and 20-0 for the complete season, total domination. This is a team to watch; several talented kids make up this team of 19 players, everyone contributed to their success including the great families of these boys. It will be a great pleasure to be a part of this team in the years to come.

Nate #33; pitched (up to 79 MPH (14 Years Old), played third base and caught for his team. He made his parents very proud of his accomplishments this year, although his grade point average could have been about .5 better and is capable of 1.0 better. He was selected as the MVP for his squad showing him that all the hustle, hard work and dedication will payoff in the long run.

The Quartz Hill Freshman team re-assembled two weeks after regular season to start American Legion Baseball season, they have faced several tough opponents from Varsity and Junior Varsity programs giving them the competition to help them improve as a team. Nate has been selected for the American Legion All-Star team and will get to play at Jet Hawk Stadium (Red Sox – Minor A) this Sunday, which will give himself and his parents another proud moment in his life.

Nate, Great Job! You are making mom and dad very proud of you as you grow and learn to be an adult.

Continue your hard work and dedication towards what you love and enjoy, and your dreams will come true!

The Quartz Hill Minor Athletics team started great, turned cold, and came back fighting the best teams to finish the season landing us in 5th place. We had a great group of kids; some with real talent and that will grow and become great baseball players. Chris had a good season. I wish I could have worked with him a little more than I did this season.

Our order for more channels did get placed, we will be expanding our display by thirty two (32) more channels, of which 24 have been allocated for a new surprise build this coming season. Light-O-Rama came out with the DMX module this year, now I can really start planning some cool effects for future years (Snow, Fog, GOBOs).

The West Coast Christmas Bar-B-Q is scheduled for August 25th in Temecula, CA at LaFournaise home; I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I have several projects that I worked on last year that I will be presenting and discussing.

Pismo Beach (Oceano Dunes) California is in our near future; our annual vacation to the beach is approaching fast. For those of you who do not know what Pismo is about; It one of the few beaches that allow vehicles drive on the beach as well as ORV’s, it’s great weather, fireworks, fun on the quads, camp fires, fishing, moon light strolls, kites, and breaking waves a full week of heaven.

I have schedule my time off this November for setup, I will try something new this year with Mondays and Fridays off, giving me several 4 day weekends to set things for the holidays, last year I spent more time lounging than I did setting up during my week off, so I thought I try a different approach, plus it will make the month fly by with only three day work weeks in November.