Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1, 2007

The season has come upon us once again! It’s hard to thinks it’s November already and it’s still in the high seventies…….Southern California’s a tough place to live!

As I said in an earlier blog, I am taking Mondays and Fridays off for the month of November for display setup. We received our two new controllers, I built one and Bubba built the other one, I messed mine up and had to order some replacement parts…….Thanks Dan from Light-O-Rama, as always they take care of their customers.

It have been tremendously busy the past 6 months, to be honest I have not worked on the new projects for this years display, so we may not have any new additions to the display, but as always I will see what I can do…..I always get things going and in place when needed. Worst case, we will have the same setup as last year, just with a lot more lights.

We start taking down all the supplies tomorrow, not sure were we are going to put them, but they are coming down, we hope to start hanging lights by Saturday and have the majority of lights in place by Monday night, giving me time to work on the new stuff.

We never really resolved the power relocation issue, maybe I can tackle that soon, otherwise I will have to put my controller worksheets to goods use on power management, after all that why I designed it.

We are hoping to be a Toys for Tots collection point again this year, the new coordinator has been quite elusive in meeting me or calling me back, I have been informed that I will have collection binds by the first of November, I hope so…I would hate to loose such a good opportunity to assist and help make the holidays better for others.

If you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by and say Hi! I’m always looking for an excuse to stop working.

Internet traffic has gone ballistic since last year; we have received over 10,000 unique hits since after the 2006 holidays, it should be interesting this season to see where we end up.

Stay tuned and check back often, I will try to update the blog and site daily during setup.

Happy pre-holiday season!

The Williams