Friday, January 01, 2010

January 2010

Wow, it’s been awhile since I have written anything in this BLOG.

As many of you know we did not have the display this year. We had a stream of problems that made the display impossible to put up, at least to my standards, and I felt it best not to stress myself trying to get it working.

Thank you to everyone whom called, emailed, and stopped by inquiring about the display.

The big question! Yes, the display will return in 2010, and as I write this journal entry, we have already begun building on our 2010 display. All the equipment has been tested and the parts ordered to repair the failed controllers. We have ordered 4 new controllers that we will be building this month giving us a total of 112 controllable channels, of course this means that all the music will have to be reworked to accommodate for the new controller channels.

We have also purchased another 20,000 lights to go with what we purchased last year (20,000), along with 5- 7 ½ foot Christmas trees that will be a nice treat. Some of the other features that we will add are 20 more strobe lights, 4 leaping arches, illuminated corner stones, and retrofitting the C9 bulbs to LED lighting.

Happy New Year!